Balmoral Beach

Edwards Beach

While Balmoral Beach offers beautiful sandy beaches as well as clear blue water for swimming, snorkeling and sailing, those who only think of it as a quick day trip are missing so many opportunities for entertainment, recreation and enjoyment. By choosing Balmoral Beach accommodation for several days, or even weeks, of holiday; Sydney visitors can experience so much more than a simple suntan.

Enjoy Local Culture

Balmoral is more than just a thriving beach community; it is also the home of “Bard on the Beach”. Bard on the Beach (formerly “Shakespeare by the Sea”) is a summer event held at the Balmoral Beach Rotunda. For more than 25 years, this free annual festival has brought virtually every Shakespeare play to locals and visitors. The company produces two plays every season in a beautiful outdoor setting allowing the audience to enjoy the plays sitting picnic style by the Rotunda as long as the weather stays nice and no Tempest intrudes.

Eat Your Way Down the Beach

Balmoral Beach isn’t just a summer holiday; it’s a year round community. And this community has some exquisite cuisine to sample. If you are looking to have a meal but don’t want to take your eyes off the beautiful water fear not; many of the restaurants have large windows overlooking the beach. Every type of food is available to satisfy every palate but don’t forget to take advantage of the always fresh seafood. Visitors won’t want to miss such classic restaurants such as Public Dining Room, The Bathers’ Pavilion and Awaba.

Check Out Life Underwater

If you think the ocean is beautiful on the top, you need to see it from the bottom. To see all the ocean’s true wonders you need to get face to face with fish and other sea creatures. There are plenty of tour and boat operators that can turn anyone into a scuba pro in just a few hours. Experienced divers have the opportunity to go deeper and explore reefs and wrecks only ever seen by a small number of people.

You’re In Sydney’s Back Pocket

By choosing Balmoral Beach holiday rentals, visitors can avoid the crowds, congestion and higher cost of a Sydney accommodation. By choosing to stay just outside Sydney visitors have more options and spend far less money on holiday. Staying at in Balmoral Beach accommodation still allows you to take in all the sights and sounds of Sydney. A short cab ride can take you from Balmoral right into the heart of Sydney for just a few dollars. There you can tour the famous Sydney Opera House, visit all the shops and even take a turn hundreds of feet up climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
So if you’re looking to save some money and still have access to the wonders of Sydney, or want to beat the crowds and enjoy¬†Balmoral Beach, you can’t beat a Balmoral holiday rental on your next vacation.

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