Cremorne Point


Situated a convenient six kilometers north of Sydney’s business district in New South Wales, Cremorne Point accommodation allows quick and easy access to the restaurants, museums, attractions and entertainment of Sydney, while travellers are quietly tucked among the ambling streets and lovely people of Cremorne Point.

The Location And Culture Of Cremorne Point

Established by British land owners in the 1820’s, Cremorne Point has grown into a thriving community of homes and businesses, nestled just outside fabulous Sydney, Australia. Sitting on a peninsula on Sydney Harbor, residents and visitors are enchanted by spectacular views of the shimmering water in the harbor as well as the breathtaking lights of the city. The Aboriginal name of Cremorne Point is Wulwarrajeung. Engraved rocks and shell middens scattered along the shore tell the tale of the areas Indigenous history.

Things To Do In Cremorne Point

On the Southwest point of the peninsula where Cremorne Point holiday rentals are located, a ferry wharf shuttles visitors to the Mosman Bay Walk, Sydney Opera House and many local restaurants, night clubs, live entertainment venues, interactive science centers and more. Meander along the Mosman Bay Walk at a leisurely pace, or get some healthy exercise with a strenuous jog. Nearby, the city of Sydney offers many beaches, as well as activities such as kayaking, sky diving, motorcycle touring, and horseback riding. Local tracks are home to exciting racing action, and romantic helicopter rides at twilight are the ideal way to end a perfect day.

Natural Scenery To Enjoy In Cremorne Point

The Cremorne Point Reserve is home to a wide variety of local flora, fauna and wildlife. Endangered species are thriving there under the care of Bushcare and other programs established by the Council. Spot the rare and intriguing Powerful Owl and the Sydney Red Gum trees that are fighting their way back into sustainable numbers after a fungal epidemic with the help of committed workers. See the astounding Grey Headed Flying Fox as well as numerous bird species, including the Pied Currawong and Magpie. The reserve offers quaint and cozy walking trails, pristine parks for picnics, playgrounds for children and pet friendly areas the entire family can enjoy.

In And Around Sydney

Pacific whales frequently frolic in the waters around Sydney, offering a show that many people travel around the world to see. Dining choices here are almost endless, featuring Thai cuisine, Lebanese food, pizzerias, European cafes, dessert shops, bakeries and more. Venture to the top of the Blue Mountains, where lookout points offer spectacular views and clean, fresh air. Arts and crafts markets in Sydney lure people of all ages, while bushwalks offer a fascinating way to get up close and personal with the natural beauty of New South Wales.

Where To Stay In Cremorne Point

Sydney accommodation includes wonderful holiday rentals where families can enjoy an entire home unit rather than sharing a single hotel room. Holiday rentals are spacious enough to enjoy private family time, with kitchens equipped for preparing meals at your own leisure. These rentals also include outdoor areas for lounging and convenient parking areas. Couples and small families can find small units, fully furnished and ready for rental. Large families can relax knowing that three bedroom holiday rentals accommodate bigger groups, too.

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